The Many Uses of Ivory


I was happy and excited to see an Ivory bar soap in my Mom Vox Box. Its not a new product to me. In fact me and my family have been using Ivory bar soap and body wash since some time and we all love it.

I really like that Ivory bath bars and body washes are 99.94% natural and yet so budget friendly. I, as a mom and a concious human, try to use products that are nature friendly. But often I find that it affects my family budget big way. But with Ivory products, its different. They are cost effective, available every where and one can find money saving coupons every now and then.

As for the product itself, I have already told you that its 99.94% natural. Its unique formula does not strip my skin, but leavs it soft and moisturized. This feature of Ivory is very noticable especially during winter months. There are no added perfumes and the natural scent is mild, light and relaxing and not very lasting or overwhelming. To top it off, there are so many varieties available in both bar soaps and bodywashes that one can choose what best suits them.

I use the bar soap and body wash  as a face cleanser.  Having sensitive and aging skin, I am left with few options of what I can use on my face, and IVory is one of them that I can peacefully and fearlessly use as a face cleanser. I also use the bodywash to wash kids clothes and my own silk garments.

I give the bar soap to my kids to do some carving. It helps them in their imagination and skill and decorating their room too. I have even gifted these hand carved soaps. Kids have such fun having bath with them and there is a sense of confidence when such skills are appreciated appropriately.

I use the body wash in my hand wash refillable pumps and use them as hand wash too. By far its one of the most cost effective, nature friendly, multi tasking, flexible product I use.

I totally and strongly reccomend Ivory bar soaps and bodywashes.

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Have you tried Ivory products? What are your experiances? Do let me know. I love to hear from you.

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