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So I told you all about the sampling from Old Navy’s Style Council. I got to sample their latest line of Ankle Jeans. This was thru

I got 4 coupons in total, one for me and other 3 for my 3 friends. I received these coupons on 03/07/2011. We just could not hold our excitement and we all went for shoppi ng yesterday, 03/08/2011.

All 4 of us, we redeemed our coupons and got 4 different types of ankle jeans. I got Skinny Ankle Flare, my three friends got, The Filrt Crop, The Diva Crop and another The Diva Crop.

Wow, isn’t that sweet of OLD NAVY?

I fell in love with all the styles right away. Infact I was not very happy parting with those coupons šŸ˜¦Ā  Nevermind I am going to buy them anyway.

These jeans are such great fit.Ā  They highlight the right curves and of right length. Perfect for the spring. Cool designs and colors.

I loved the feel of them and I never know I looked so good wearing an ankle jean till I tried the OLD NAVY ankle jeans.

I really really loved them all and all you guys out there, one piece of serious advice from me,

JUST GO AND GRAB COZ THESE ARE NOT STAYING IN STORES FOR LONG. Me and my friends had already a little difficulty finding our sizes- most of them out of stock, ALREADY!


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