Glade Expressions Collection

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Wittlebee is a subscription-based clothing club for kids. With an aim  to keep parents well stocked with children’s clothes by delivering a box of new items to their doorstep every month. Members receive personalized packages based on their child’s age, color preferences, geographic location and more. Based in sunny Los Angeles, their roster includes a growing group of entrepreneurs, developers, and executives with a variety of backgrounds.

Many of us are parents — moms and dads just like you who are looking for a better way to keep our growing kids in high-quality clothes. We couldn’t find such a service online, which is why I look to an innovative site Wittlebee.

Now there is all the more reason to join this wonderful program.  Sign up for Wittlebee by the end of the month and get a $25 gift card to Sephora. It’s a win-win: your kids will receive amazing new clothes and you’ll have $25 toward your favorite beauty products. Make sure to catch this deal while it lasts.

Enter code GIFTCARD during checkout to get your free gift card. SIGN UP HERE

The real Unreal Candy

AS a Bzzagent, I was given the opportunity to be a part of thiss delicious and tasty campaign.If there was any one candy that I would encourage my kids to eat, then it would be the UnrealCandy.

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Dell Printers

Dell printers offerd me a 50% coupon code in a recent bzz campaign. I already have a multi
tasking wireless printer from a compititive brand and hence i thought, well, its a good way to compere.

The coupon code was applicable to the following models:
1) Dell B1160w,THE NEW CLASSIC

Space-saving and reliable, the Dell™ B1160w Laser Printer offers mono printing at its best. This monochrome wonder with built-in wireless is the consummate home office accessory.


This compact color laser-class printer saves space without skimping on functionality. The
Dell™ 1250c Color Printer features high-quality printouts and blazing fast printing speeds


Spark and support your creativity with the Dell™ 1350cnw Color Printer — offering seamless WiFi connectivity, brilliant color capabilities and easy networking.

Color printing and scanning are compact when it comes to the Dell™ 1355cn Color Printer.
Stand out from the crowd with quick and amazing color prints, copies, and scans featuring
rich, true-to-life tones.
Transform your work space into a hub of productivity with the Dell™ 1355cnw Multifunction
Color Printer. Enjoy wireless printing and superb print, fax, copy and scan capabilities.
knew you wanted and needed a Dell laser printer:
Laser printers rely on dry toner rather than wet ink, so printed pages don’t smear or curl,
and cartridges never dry out before they’re fully used
Dell uses emulsion aggregation (EA) toner, which can produce fewer CO2 emissions during the
manufacturing process and can lead to less energy consumption overall
LED color printers print in a single pass instead of the standard four passes for other
printers in this class — the result is a dramatically faster color print speed
A small print head makes for an ultra-compact design, allowing you to maximize your work

These all are high productivity and low cost and maitainance printers.They are smaller, sleeker and easier to use. The printers claim to be cost-effective and deliver razor-sharp prints for everything from school assignments to crafting projects, all in a matter of minutes.

.In my personal observation, I felt that the printers are very highly priced. I found the competitive brands offering similar or better printers with similar features at much lesser cost, even when I applied my special discount code.

The discount code is up for grabs as a giveaway from my end to one of my readers. Leave a comment below to enter and I shall announce the winner on 15th Oct 2012. So do not forget to check back!

imPRESS Press On Manicure




In almost every review on mine, I tell you guys that I am  a busy mom of two little ones. There are many simple pleasures that I happily forgo in order to attend to the needs of my family. Much time is spent in household chores and allied activities.

Then came the Influenster Mom Vox Box with imPress On Manicure. I was very happy to see that I could get nails just like manicured, in a fraction of time that it takes in salons. There is no need to compromise on the quality. They look just like salon manicured nails when you put them on.

All that s needed to do is to simply peel off, press on, and you’re done. There’s no drying. They are super shiney They claim that the manicure that lasts up to a week, and in my case, it did!

imPress is so easy to remove, you can change it up to match your mood as often as you want. They come in a wide range of colors. As of now, you can find 36 different colors and patterns, including trendy brights, classic darks and animal prints. With imPress, your nails will always be your best accessory.

Learn more details at

The Original Dish Drying Mat




Are you looking for a multi use solution for your everyday kitchen needs? Then look no more, here comes
The Original Dish Drying Mat.

The Original Dish Drying Mat is the new solution to the age old tradition of placing dish towels on the counter when hand washing pots, pans, dishes, and glassware.The unique, laminated design combines a thin layer of foam between two layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber.

Place it below a heavy pan, or as a mat for your computer or pet. Use it to absorb spills, or to dry your dishes on. However you use, and where ever you place it, it is sure to do the job it claims.

Personally I have done all the three above and I am a very happy customer. I use it to dry/wipe my hands while cooking.

The Original™ line of products, created by Schroeder & Tremayne, Inc., provides innovative solutions to everyday dilemmas. Combining cutting edge technology with intelligent design leads to products that provide the ultimate in function and value. Our focus is to create products that exceed your expectations and help simplify your life! It’s a difference you’re sure to discover.

This product was provided in the select Mom Vox Boxes by


Find The Original Dish Drying Mat on Facebook:!/TheOriginalDishDryingMat

Dino Lingo


Dino Lingo is a  language learning set where cartoon dinosaur characters introduce the most common 200 words and phrases in the language that is being trained in. For eg. Dino Lingo English for Kids is a English language learning set where cartoon dinosaur characters introduce the most common 200 words and phrases in English.

A typical set comes with 5 DVDs.

DVD 1 – Let’s count: numbers, colors and animals

DVD 2 – Let’s eat: food, fruit and vegetables

DVD 3 – Let’s play: toys, house items, vehicles

DVD 4 – Let’s jump: verbs, actions and nature

DVD 5 – Let’s learn: family, body parts, and clothes Kids favorite animal sections included in all DVDs.
After watching these  learning videos several times, most babies and small children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases such as “hello”, “how are you”, “good”, “what’s this?” etc. Dino Lingo h for Kids is ideal to foster toddler’s cognitive development. Dino Lingo is available for kids in all ages and the program can be effective for ages up to 7.
-High-Pitched Female Voices- Scientific studies show that babies and young children identify best with high-pitched voices, otherwise known as mother ease or child-directed speech. We have worked with female and child actors with high-pitched vocals.
-Optimum Combination of 3D/2D Animation- Recent studies have shown that children prefer to watch animations over real-life footage. 80% of these videos are either 3d or 2d animations.
-Contextual Variation- Words used in this program are presented to the listener in at least 4 different contexts. In addition, unlike other programs, Dino Lingo repeats words intermittently and not just consecutively which triggers the child’s memory development.
-Pronunciation- This program is recorded by native speakers of  the language chosen. All of the phrases are voiced by native speakers which is necessary for children that are learning and sensitive to detecting subtle changes in accents.

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